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Creators: Shlomit Fundaminsky & Einat Ganz

An interactive dance performance that deals with communication through touch, movement, imagination and play.

​How do a handshake, a kiss and a caress can create a dance?

How does someone else's body can be used as a backrest, a chair, an airplane, a bridge and many other variables imagery?

The performance is  interactive; the entire audience is invited to join the dancers and move along with them on stage.


The aim is to stimulate the imagination and provide tools  to expand the possibilities of the physical connection and games.


The show can take place in a studio or on a stage in different variations. adapted to a variety of audiences: 3-8 with parents, 6-8 without parents, dance students, adults with a young spirit.

The show is a 25 minute show and 25 minutes of activities for children with adults.

 Dancers: Shlomit Fundaminsky, Einat Ganz / Ravid Abarbanel








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